Did you just follow the installation tutorial for ubuntu 13.10? Well now that we have it installed it may be time to get used to your new operating system!

Getting StartedEdit

When you start up your computer after installing Ubuntu you may notice an extra step. You can select which operating system you would like to load. For me I can either load Ubuntu or Windows XP Media Center edition. Use the arrow keys and Enter to navigate through this menu. Select Ubuntu to load your new operating System.

Now for the startEdit

When you select Ubuntu you may notice the instalation screen if you haven't already install Ubuntu or you can wait.

After installation you will be brought to the desktop. Trust me it's alot different from windows. On your side bar you may notice tons of different appications I should explain

  • Search-Search all files and even on the internet
  • Files-Browse all files in your folders
  • Mozilla Firefox-Browse the web
  • Libre Office writer-Write presentations. can open word files.
  • Libre Office calc-Similar to Microsoft office Excel
  • Libre office Impress-Similar to Microsoft offce Powerpoint
  • Ubuntu software center-Download applications submitted by programmers
  • Ubuntu one-Cloud storage
  • Amazon-Self explainatory
  • Ubuntu one Music-Similar to iTunes store
  • Settings-Modify System settings

Enjoy your new Ubuntu Desktop!

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