Have You Ever Wanted To Make Sticky Pistons, Have a Pet Slime Or Just wanted To Have Slime Slime farm? Today I'll tell you how. 

One of the easiest Places to find a slime is a swamp at night.

Slime In a Swamp

But Lets say that you Can't find a swamp or want something closer.

Here is how to make an underground slime farm

Find A Slime ChunkEdit

Use this to find a slime chunk near you

Slime Chunk Finder

Let's dig down at locationEdit

Dig down at the slime chunk area. Don't Dig straight down or else you'll die. Just make a staircase or ladder down to the Slime chunk area. Slimes can1 be found below Y 40.

Let's ExpandEdit

Dig from the area outward so you can get the most spawns possible.

This may take a while.

Oh no...We gotta waitEdit

Waiting. It may take awhile for them to spawn. That's why you want your farm nice and big. Walk around the farm to get slimes spawning every where so no chunk can't have spawning.

So that's about It for how to Get slimes and Sticky Pistons. Have fun doing what ever you desire with your new found slimes!

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